How to ‘delete’ apps

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It is possible to ‘delete’ BoringPhone apps so that they are unavailable to run from the application drawer. This could be useful for parents who want to disable the AntennaPod podcast app if there are any concerns about the content that is available.

  1. On the home screen, long press (press and hold) on an empty space until the menus comes up:

2. Select ‘Home Settings’ then scroll down to ‘Hidden & Protected Apps’

3, You will need to scan your finger print or enter unlock PIN to get to the settings (If you haven’t set up any unlock, you will need to do that first).

4. Find the app you want and press the little eye icon so that it is crossed out:

5. Go back to the home screen and swipe up to check that the application is not showing in the application list.

That’s it! To re-enable simply go back and tap the eye icon again to uncross it.