Calendar (How to set up)

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The calendar app requires an online calendar account. This means that your calendar is also backed up and available online. Google calendar was previously working, but currently not syncing properly.  We suggest using a free Yahoo mail account.

Setup using Yahoo account

  • Goto: select ‘Create Account‘ and follow the instructions to create an account.
  • Once you are logged into your Yahoo account. Select account info from the profile menu: 
  • Select ‘Account Security’ and then click ‘Manage app passwords
  • From the dropdown choose ‘Android Email’ and click ‘Generate’ 
  • Keep the next window open, or make a note of the password (including spaces):
  • On your BoringPhone, open the DAVx5 app.

The application will ask if you want Schedule Synchronization. If you will only be accessing the calendar on your BoringPhone, choose “Don’t Show Again”. If you will be using the calendar on your BP and online (e.g. logging into Yahoo calendar on your laptop), then choose “Turn off for DAVx5” and then “Allow” – Allowing will keep the app running in the background, so will mean slightly less battery life. 

  • Select the ‘+’ symbol to add an account.
  • Enter your full Yahoo email address and password you generated at step 5 (including the spaces), then click ‘LOGIN
  • On the ‘Add Account’ screen just click ‘Create Account’ (You can leave everything else the same).
  • Tap the account name you have just created:
  • If you want to back up your contacts to your Yahoo account, check the box next to ‘Contacts’.
  • Now swipe left to see the CALDAV screen and make sure the box is ticked:
  • Click the ‘refresh now’ icon:
  • Open the Calendar app, open the menu from the top right and select ‘Calendars to display’:
  • Make sure the calendar is selected and then click ‘Calendars to sync’:
  • Make sure the calendar is selected on the next page and then click ‘OK’:
  • Go back to the main calendar page and long press on a blank space on the calendar, then select ‘New event’:
  • You should now be able to enter the details of a new event that will be saved to your calendar. Once synced the event will show up on your Yahoo web calendar.