Transfer Contacts Using Bluetooth

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  1. On your OLD phone, open the ‘Contacts’ app
  2. Enter settings (3 vertical dots on top right)
  3. Choose ‘Import/export’
  4. Choose ‘Export to .vcf file’
  5. Choose a place to download the files (default is Download folder)
  6. Open file manager (or folders) and navigate to Download
  7. Find the contacts.vcf file you have created and long press to select it.
  8. Press the share icon
  9. Choose Bluetooth (Turn on Bluetooth on BOTH phones)
  10. Wait for Bluetooth to find your NEW phone. BoringPhone will come up as “Mi A1”. (If your OLD phone doesn’t find your NEW phone, try going into Bluetooth settings on your NEW phone and selecting ‘Pair’)
  11. Press the “Mi A1” device on your OLD phone to send.
  12. On your NEW phone, accept the Bluetooth transfer.
  13. On your NEW phone, you will see the successful download in your notification bar. Select the file ‘contacts.vcf
  14. When asked: “Import contacts from vCard” choose “Okay”

Note: This is a one-off transfer. If you add a contact to your OLD phone, it won’t automatically update on your NEW phone (or the other way around). To keep the contacts synced, use the DAVx5 application and a Google or iOS account.