The next generation in tech. Designed to be used less!


Still the only smartphone that wants less of your time

How is BP2 different from the original BoringPhone?

The BP2 is the next stage for the BoringPhone and is a new kind of tech: Human centred technology that respects user time and attention. 

What this means in practice, is more flexibility in how you set up your device.  Part of this is the ability to choose a desired ‘time on device’ and then dial in the amount of assistance you want from design, tools and locks to get to your desired ‘time on device’ 


There is also the ability to choose exactly which apps you put on your device and then choose to lock your settings as suits. 

This means a user can set up the device exactly in the same way as the original BoringPhone. They can then permanently lock that setting in place.

Or a user could set up like an original BoringPhone but add in an extra app or two that are useful to them. They could lock the settings for a week and see if that setup works for them before adjusting again.

Or they might choose to install all the apps, and use the advanced screentime tools and design to gradually reduce the time they spend on their device

How does BP2 respect user time and attention?

Showing the setup process is the simplest way of illustrating how the BP2 is a step beyond any other smartphone.  This demonstrates the level of control available to the user:

Why is this a thing?

The BP2 is for people who want to spend less time on their phone, and more time doing the things that matter to them.

Smartphones are great, but by design they draw us into spending more and more time on them.   

Because smartphones are engineered to capture our attention, it’s often not enough to simply say “I’m going to use my smartphone less.” To shift an unconscious habit we need to take conscious steps that change our behavior. 

Deciding to use the BP2 is a deliberate choice to limit the amount of time you spend on your phone. When your phone is boring, there’s simply nothing mindless to do on it and so your time becomes available for other things.

What are the benefits?


 It’s pretty common for us to spend ten, twenty or even thirty hours per week on general unfocused smartphone use.  That time can be freed up and redirected towards whatever it is you choose – reading actual books, getting out and exercising, learning something new, starting a side hustle – it’s all there if you have the time. 


Every time you stop a task to check your phone for notifications, you lose focus on what you are doing.  The BoringPhone doesn’t have social media or email, which reduces notifications.  You’ll still be available for calls or important messages from friends and family, but you won’t be interrupted because a picture of an egg is trending. 


We’ve all been guilty of it:  Half listening to someone while waiting for them to finish so we can check our phone, or simply looking at our phone while we’re talking to people. It’s not the end of the world, but it is good to be really present with our friends, family and partners. Removing the smartphone can remove barriers and allow the space to truly connect with the people that matter to us. 

Privacy And Cost Saving

Smartphones these days are set up to suck up as much data as possible. Multiple apps track not just their own usage, but our location and other data they can access.  The BoringPhone slows this deluge down to a trickle.   Less data also means less cost. 

Would this be good for kids?

Yes! One of the reasons for creating the BoringPhone was for it to be a “first” phone for children. There are a number of advantages to the BP2:

  • It looks like any other sleek, high quality smartphone.
  • It can be set up to have NO internet browser, social media, mobile games or application store.
  • It can have data messaging, voice and video calling.
  • It is a high quality handset, that will last several years (if looked after!)
  • The background can be changed to remove the BoringPhone logo!

BP2 is an option when you want to be able to contact your child when they are away from home, but don’t yet want to provide everything that regular smartphones have. 

Will it work in my country?

Map of the world

We are working to make the BP2 work in as many countries as possible. Due to frequency and carrier restrictions, it may not be possible to achieve 100% coverage. 

How much is it?

The final price of the BP2 is yet to be determined. 

Who are you?

We are b-tek, a small NZ startup with a big vision: to improve our relationship with technology. We are childhood friends, Alex Davidson and Jasper Mackenzie, and we have both experienced the challenges and frustrations of using smartphones in our personal and professional lives. 

 The BoringPhone was our first product, a minimalist smartphone that offered only the essential features and nothing more. We launched it on Kickstarter in 2019 and received an overwhelming response from backers who shared our vision. The difference in quality of life using the BoringPhone was so profound that we believed other people might also benefit from this type of phone.

We would like to accelerate our program and so we are working to partner investors who are aligned with our mission to  provide the world with human centred technology that respects user time and attention. 

Find out more at

How can I get one?

We are working to launch the BP2 as soon as possible. We’ve proved it can be done on a small scale, and now keen to provide the benefits of this approach to technology to as broad an audience as possible.

If you’re keen to join us, then put your name on the waitlist so you can have the exclusive first option to purchase the BP2 once it is available.

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