OsmAnd(Navigation) Voice Directions Set up

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OsmAnd and defaults to text-to-speech (TTS) directions. BoringPhone does not support this because it requires Google services.

However, OsmAnd does have pre-recorded voice commands that will give directions. Follow these instructions to enable it:

  • Open OsmAnd press the menu button on the bottom left:
  • Press ‘Download Maps’:
  • Scroll down and choose ‘Voice prompts (recorded, limited features)’:
  • Choose your preferred language and press the download button next to it:
  • Go back to the main menu,scroll down and select settings:
  • Select ‘Navigation Settings’:
  • Then select ‘Driving’:
  • Select  ‘Voice Guidance’:
  • Select the language that you downloaded (It should be the one without TTS in the name):

That’s it! You should now get turn directions, etc when navigating. Because OsmAnd uses GPS for location, it will often take a moment before it recognises your current location and starts navigating.